Murchison meteorite hits national news

By Morgan Dyer

The small town of Murchison is again on the national stage with its historic meteorite.

Early this month, Murchison featured on ABC science program Catalyst.

The episode, titled Asteroid Hunters, featured Professor Tamara Davis, who spent time in Murchison last year when the town celebrated 50 years since the rock fell.

A number of Greater Shepparton locals feature on the episode, which explores how the meteorite originated, what the meteorite is made up of and how old the rock actually is.

Murchison and District Historical Society president Kay Ball said last year's celebrations gave scientists the opportunity to develop people's understanding of the meteorite.

“(50th anniversary celebration) Rock on Murchison provided Tamara with the perfect opportunity to speak with leading scientists who are involved in work related to meteorites and asteroids,” Ms Ball said.

“Four of the 11 scientists involved in the two-day celebration were interviewed and included in the Catalyst episode.”

To watch the episode, visit

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