Quiz time

By Morgan Dyer

1. When will community AFL clubs be able to return to training?

2. How much money did the Victorian Government commit this week to the construction of Greater Shepparton Secondary College?

3. By how much is Greater Shepparton's GDP expected to fall this financial year?

4. When is the construction of the new Shepparton Fire Station expected to be complete?

5. Why did buildings across Shepparton glow orange and yellow on Wednesday night?

6. With what is Greater Shepparton City Council inundated?

7. How did Shepparton Joey Scouts maintain social distancing this week?

8. News sports reporter Liam Nash is doing what this week?

9. How many planes flew over local hospitals on Saturday to honour health-care workers?

10. Greater Shepparton residents were invited to have a virtual coffee with whom this week?


1. Monday, May 25.

2. $119 million.

3. 5 to 7.5 per cent.

4. December.

5. To honour emergency service volunteers in light of Wear Orange Wednesday.

6. Stray cats.

7. Using hula hoops.

8. Isolating in Melbourne.

9. Four

10. A police officer, as part of Coffee with a Cop.