Oddie’s odd week

By Morgan Dyer

Oddie copped some interesting looks on Wednesday when he dressed tail to toe in orange and yellow clothing. When the fashion police caught up with him, Oddie said he was honouring emergency service volunteers for the annual celebration that is Wear Orange Wednesday.

However, Oddie wasn't the only one glowing. Greater Shepparton City Council also honoured emergency service volunteers by lighting buildings across the region orange and yellow.

Shepparton’s Eastbank Centre, the Monash Park tree and the Mooroopna Tower all paid tribute to the incredible work of State Emergency Service volunteers and the Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad.

Oddie and Jerry

Oddie’s friend Jerry the cat craves attention and is always happy to lend a hand.

Jerry also loves the leaf pile

Recently the pair was outside raking the autumn leaves when Jerry laid on top of a small pile of leaves and allowed Oddie to cover him until you could only see his face — he didn't move a muscle.

Jerry had also been helping Oddie finish a 2000-piece puzzle by running torpedo-style across the table where the puzzle was being completed.

On one occasion Oddie was sure he’d eaten a piece of puzzle as Jerry put a piece in his mouth behind his teeth and jumped off the table before he could be caught.

Oddie had to wait until the puzzle was completed to find out if one piece was gone for ever — only to discover five pieces were missing. Luckily, Oddie realised Jerry was trying to complete his own version of the puzzle under the couch and under the book case.