Billy is just gold, but gets himself into trouble

By Madi Chwasta

Billy is a beautiful eight-year-old golden retriever, who has taken a fair few trips to the vet.

“Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong – ear infections, hot spots, even two ACLs,” owner Becc Jones said.

And it’s the Kialla dog’s curiosity that tends to get him into trouble.

For instance, the pup once bit into a deodorant can while Becc’s partner, Wes, was in bed asleep, causing a loud ‘bang'.

“Billy sprung up on the bed and jumped into Wes’ arms as the deodorant can was flying across the room,” she said.

One of his favourite things to do is eat, and he learned to love Becc and Wes’ three-year-old Flynn for this reason, despite being wary of the new family member at first.

“After Flynn has breakfast, I can hear the chairs and I know Billy is cleaning up all the crumbs,” she said.

Best friends: Billy is all smiles when he's around Flynn.

One time, Flynn was eating an ice-pole, and Billy bounded up to him and devoured it – wooden stick and the rest.

“The vet said the stick would break down, but we found it 10 days later, and it was whole!” she said.

Billy has always been a vocal dog, howling at meal times without fail, or barking when someone walks past their fence.

And he’s always been like this. When they picked him up from the breeder in Invergordon at 10 weeks old - which they found in the News' classifieds in 2012 - the pup cried the whole way home.

“We nearly drove him back,” Becc said with a laugh.

But they quickly fell in love with his inquisitive nature, his great big grin, and for bringing so much laughter and joy across the years.

“He’s definitely part of the family, he’s our fur child,” she said.

“We love him to bits.”