Opportunity to help people suffering a mental illness

By Morgan Dyer

Shepparton locals will have the opportunity to take part in a mental health first aid course next month.

The two-day course gives people the initial skills to help someone who is suffering from a mental illness.

Run by APMHA HealthCare and Shepparton’s Alaya House, the course aims to fill the educational gap which surrounds approaching mental illness.

Similar to physical first aid, the course will equip people with the right skills to help vulnerable people until professional support can be accessed.

The sessions will cover a range of mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance use.

Throughout the year the centre provides a range of subsidised and free training, however this particular event has a cost involved.

The course has availabilities on February 22 and 29.

For more information or to book a place call 1300 514 811.