Blind and bruised but rescued by love

By Ilias Bakalla

When Gilly the dog was hit by a car in Shepparton East seven years ago, it might have been the best thing to have happened to her.

The stray dog had been hanging around Bronwyn Prater’s house for days when she ran across the road to some ducks quacking in a channel.

Bronwyn said a BMW “cleaned her up” and with no microchip, the responsibility fell on her shoulders.

Bronwyn had to take Gilly to Melbourne to have her back leg reconstructed.

“She now has 20 pins in her leg,” Bronwyn said.

“The specialist said it was one of the hardest jobs he’s ever done.”

Gilly underwent three months of rehabilitation to learn how to walk again.

The vet even prescribed dancing up on her hind legs to bring strength to the injured area.

By that point, Bronwyn had been “smothered in love” by Gilly and she decided to adopt her.

But the adversity did not stop there; Gilly recently got glaucoma in both her eyes, leaving her blind.

Now she has to ‘see’ through her nose and has swapped chasing soccer balls for squeaky toys.

Gilly can make her way through the house well but occasionally bumps into the odd piece of furniture if it has been moved.

Unsure of Gilly's birthday and breed, Bronwyn made her adoption date (December 1) her birthday and says she is a kelpie-blue heeler cross because “she looks like a kelpie and has the energy of a blue heeler”.

Despite all that Gilly has been through, Bronwyn describes her dog as gentle, energetic and loving.

“She’s taken us on adventures we never would have gone on before,” she said.

“When we plan our holidays now, we have to consider the pet-friendly options.”

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