Stolen scooter returns two days later

By Liz Mellino

After his son's scooter was stolen on Monday night, Shepparton's David Bajada said he was surprised to see it had been returned two days later.

Mr Bajada said he was sitting inside his living room on Monday night when he heard the front gate of his property open just after 9pm.

Thinking it was a friend popping in for a visit, Mr Bajada thought nothing of it until no-one turned up at his front door.

"I said 'that's a bit weird', so my son went to the front door and he saw his scooter was gone and he got very upset," he said.

With CCTV cameras stationed around his home, Mr Bajada looked back at the footage to see two unknown people enter through the front gate, walk to the front door and grab the gold Proline scooter before leaving quickly.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Bajada put a post on Facebook sharing stills from the CCTV footage, asking people to keep an eye out for the offenders.

"I contacted police and I put it on Facebook and had a lot of responses from people messaging that night with names of who they thought it could be and addresses," he said.

"I also had offers from people that if we didn't have it found by Friday somebody was going to give my son another scooter ... I was never going to accept but the offer was awesome."

This generosity was not needed, however, as Mr Bajada said he received a phone call from his neighbour on Wednesday night saying the scooter had been thrown over the fence into his front yard.

While he and his son were happy to have the scooter returned in working condition, Mr Bajada said the incident proved the power of Facebook and the true benefit of CCTV cameras.

"My son was rapt ... it's hard to say how it got there — maybe the heat was on them and they though it was the easiest way to get rid of it," he said.

"Facebook is a very powerful tool."