Police conduct registration checks along Shepparton/Mooroopna Causeway

By Liz Mellino

Commuters travelling from Mooroopna to Shepparton for work this morning were faced with a lengthy wait, with police conducting registration checks along the Causeway.

Shepparton Highway Patrol Sergeant Janne Kennedy said police stationed themselves along the Causeway near Kidstown from 8am till 11am with an Automotive Number plate Recognition Vehicle.

"It is a camera that can read number plates and tell us if a car is registered, if the registered owner of the vehicle is licensed or has any conditions ... it gives us lots of different alerts," she said.

Sgt Kennedy said the vehicles were moved into one lane at 40km/h during the operation, with the number plate recognition able to run checks on every vehicle that drove past. 

Vehicles were then pulled over into the KidsTown area where they were checked by police and further tests completed.

"We got a number of unregistered motor vehicles and drivers who hadn't renewed their licences," Sgt Kennedy said.

"We also did a couple of tests for illicit drugs." 

Sgt Kennedy said one vehicle was impounded and towed during the operation after it was detected the driver was disqualified.