Lions donate 10,000 lids to Envision

By Madeleine Byron

The Lions Club of Toolamba has donated more than 10,000 plastic lids for the not-for-profit organisation Envision, which uses them to make prosthetic mobility aids for children.

Shepparton resident Marg Redmond has teamed up with the Lids4Kids campaign which helps with the collection of the lids and spreads the word about recycling.

“The lids can be melted down into prosthetic limbs for disadvantaged children,” Ms Redmond said.

Recently welcoming the new title of Lids4Kids assistant administrator, Ms Redmond said she would do everything in her power to spread the message worldwide.

“This is our rubbish and landfill that we’re throwing in the bin and into the ocean every day,” she said.

“Donating unwanted lids is a simple thing everyone can be a part of.”

The Lions club's donation brings Ms Redmond’s lid total to 30,000.

Lions member Jody Merritt said businesses in Tatura, Shepparton, Mooroopna and Toolamba contributed to the donation.

“I just helped spread the word over the two-week period and then washed what we had before donating,” Ms Merritt said.

Ms Redmond said about 500 lids were required to create a prosthetic hand.

“It’s a fantastic donation which could change 20 children’s lives,” she said.

Lids4Kids accepts rinsed milk bottle, soft drink and water bottle lids.

Pop-up lids, Vegemite lids, coffee pods, wine bottle lids, plastic rings and plastic inserts cannot be accepted.

For information, check out the Lids4Kids — Northern Victoria Facebook page.

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