Shepparton fruit tree removal

By Madeleine Byron

Roads, reserves and parks from across the region are in for a trim with the removal of unmaintained fruit trees in the region.

Funding via Agriculture Victoria's Regional Action Plan Grant 2019-2020 will assist Greater Shepparton City Council in mitigating fruit fly in the region.

Council's sustainable development director Geraldine Christou said residents might see council staff and contractors removing trees from around our municipality on both residential and rural roads into the new year.

“Council plans to begin this work as soon as possible, using contractors and council staff to remove unmaintained fruit trees both in rural and residential reserves and streetscapes of our municipality,” she said.

Ms Christou said horticulture contributed more than $200 000 to Greater Shepparton's economy and the council would be working closely with the Victoria Fruit Fly Governance Group to ensure continual growth within the region. 

“The work will continue over several months throughout the municipality. Council is very grateful for Agriculture Victoria’s support in mitigating fruit fly in Greater Shepparton and protecting our horticultural industry,” she said. 

The five-year statewide action plan focuses on state and regional co-ordination and collaboration, improved fruit fly management in commercial orchards and communities, improved access to intrastate, interstate and international market access and trade opportunities.

For the full Agriculture Victoria’s Regional Action Plan go to