Museum of Vehicle Evolution to start construction in October

By James Bennett

Shovels to start construction of the Museum of Vehicle Evolution are expected to hit the dirt in October.

On the back of Greater Shepparton City Council providing the final funding stream for construction at its ordinary council meeting on Tuesday, MOVE chairperson Peter Hill hopes the building phase will take six months to complete.

The construction will cost about $4 million of the $6.25 million project.

MOVE has about $5 million already from Federal Government and council grants, and local donations.

MOVE will be built as an extension of the Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectables at Emerald Bank.

Mr Hill said the MOVE board was ‘‘delighted’’ with the council and community support.

‘‘I have not come across one negative comment about MOVE.

‘‘MOVE set a target of $1.25 million in fundraising within the community and we raised that in about three months. We’re about to start our second fundraising drive.

‘‘We’re really pleased council continues to support MOVE because it will benefit our region greatly.

‘‘There is a really good and passionate group of people on the board.

‘‘MOVE will provide a pretty big boost to the local economy and it won’t be in competition with SAM.

‘‘We hope people can enjoy MOVE for two to three hours and spend the night in Shepparton using local businesses.’’

MOVE is also seeking the remaining money required for funding from State Government to help with housing three tourism draw cards.

‘‘The first aspect is the Thompson Clothing Collection, which still has clothing from the first fleet and is in Melbourne right now,’’ Mr Hill said.

‘‘The second is the Cavalcade of Transport Mural which used to be at Spencer St and it’s about 30mX7m.

‘‘The Victorian Transport Association and MOVE believe Shepparton would be a good place for people to enjoy it. The third aspect is Greg Maskell body builders has agree to be part of the project and would have a motor body shop at MOVE so people can see him and his team at work.

‘‘We’re still in discussions with the State Government about that funding; Suzanna Sheed has been fantastic support for MOVE,’’ Mr Hill said.