Donate your lids for the kids

By James Bennett

Rather than throwing out your plastic milk bottle lids to become landfill, why not donate them.

Lids can be melted and moulded into prosthetic limbs for disadvantaged children.

Shepparton resident Marg Redmond has teamed up with Lids4kids and Envision after she was inspired by a recent story of a young child who received a new prosthetic hand.

She is hoping people across the Goulburn Valley can save their plastic lids.

‘‘I saw a story on the ABC about Canberra dad Tim Miller, who has been collecting recyclable products and he took it upon himself to find out what to do with the lids,’’ Mrs Redmond said.

‘‘He discovered the company Envision and they actually melt 500 lids down, put them into filament and then into a 3D printer.

‘‘A little four-year-old boy received a hand the other day and just to see the look on his face.

‘‘All he had was a little stump, now he thinks he’s Batman, which is so moving to watch.

‘‘These stories have grabbed my heart and to see the kids’ face has floored me.’’

Although it has only been a couple of weeks of collecting, Mrs Redmond already has about 200.

‘‘The more I’ve been able to get the word out there the more people want to get involved.’’

As the Lids4Kids northern Victoria regional co-ordinator, Mrs Redmond said nobody loses by donating plastic bottle lids.

‘‘It’s better for the environment knowing these lids aren’t going out to the ocean or rubbish tips but are being recycled for young children,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m calling on any business who can help out by donating their plastics lids.

‘‘Envision have a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise $100000 for a big printer.

‘‘Anyone is welcome to contact me if they want to donate their milk lids.’’

The plastics lids accepted must be rinsed milk bottle, soft drink and water bottle lids.

Pop-up lids, Vegemite lids, coffee pods, wine bottle lids, plastic rings and plastic inserts cannot be accepted.

For information, check out the Lids4Kids — Northern Victoria Facebook page.