Big fundraising effort from little town

By Shepparton News

The small town of Wunghnu is a true example of how small communities could achieve great things.

Wunghnu resident Judy Arnold was diagnosed with breast cancer in March this year and discovered she would have to travel to Melbourne to receive life-saving radiotherapy treatment.

This came as a surprise to Mrs Arnold. Having no radiotherapy services in Shepparton was unacceptable for close friend Trish Milne and Mrs Arnold’s daughter Emma, who decided to start a campaign to raise funds for a radiotherapy centre for the region.

‘‘It’s really unfair that people in this area have to travel so far to get what is a must, to fight the fight and beat cancer,’’ Emma Arnold said.

Within 12 days, the small community had raised more than $7000 for the centre, hosting a music extravaganza and head shave night at Wunghnu Tavern.

‘‘It just grew and grew and grew and before you knew it we were doing a fundraiser,’’ Ms Arnold said.

The money raised will be put into a Goulburn Valley Health trust fund to ensure radiotherapy treatment was available in Shepparton in the future.

GV Health Foundation director Carmel Johnson said the fundraising effort was an extraordinary result for such a small community.

‘‘GV Health is incredibly appreciative of the efforts of Trish, the tavern and all the people that contributed their time, services, skills, and money to the cause.’’ she said.

The town was not stopping yet though, hoping to triple the amount of money raised to ensure people with cancer in the Shepparton region stayed close to home, with their families during their cancer journey.