Winter Solstice at Eden Farm

By Madeleine Byron

Bordered by the Broken Creek to the south, Eden Farm is home to the Baker family, which has farmed the 60.7ha property since 2001.

Set among the red gums at Katie Walsh’s Bridge near Numurkah, Gary and Suzanne Baker raise Maine-Adjou cross beef cattle on the demeter certified bio-dynamic-in-conversion farm, free from drenches, vaccines and medications.

Mr Baker said the healthy lifestyle choices came after years of battling with family illness.

‘‘My wife had developed a serious auto-immune illness, followed by my daughter three years on being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which was then followed by our son at age 16 being diagnosed with an auto immune disease that required medication for him to function normally,’’ he said.

The family started to proactively combine medical help with home grown meat, fruit and vegetables.

‘‘It became clear that many processed foods were contributing to ill health and limiting healing in our family, so we sought clean, natural food, but it was hard to find this locally,’’ Mr Baker said.

It was about this time they started their involvement in the biodynamics field, looking for alternatives to supermarket food.

‘‘We have first-hand experience in the difference clean, nutrient rich, food can make in the health of our bodies and minds,’’ Mr Baker said.

Wanting to share the benefits of clean, green and sustainable living, the family launched Eden Farm Produce.

The family host events during the year, including the Winter Solstice at Eden Farm on this Saturday.

‘‘We’ll be focusing on winter wellness, we want to educate our community as well as provide them with good food,’’ Gary and Suzanne daughter and shop manager Hollie Mongan said.

Mrs Mongan said guest speakers Julie Conti and naturopath Phil Chua would speak about the impacts of the biodynamics lifestyle.

‘‘Julie Conti is a local lady who has had stage four breast cancer and she went to Malaysia and met some fantastic doctors and through natural therapy and diet — she is now in remission,’’ she said.

The event includes an organic/biodynamics lunch, product tastings and farm tours.

The Winter Solstice at Eden Farm is on Saturday, from 10am to 2pm at 1205 Walsh’s Bridge Rd, Numurkah. Tickets are available at

For information, go to or follow Eden Farm Produce on Facebook.