Man sentenced to 12 and a half years jail for prolonged sexual attack

By Ashlea Witoslawski


A man has been jailed for 12 1/2 years for a sexual attack a judge has described as "every woman's worst nightmare".

Jordan Reece Drake, 25, was sentenced in the County Court in Shepparton on Friday after the "prolonged and determined" attack in the early hours of October 14 last year.

Drake broke into the home of the woman - who did not know the man - and subjected her to a series of sexual assaults for two hours.

‘‘She tried to resist, she had no chance. She was terrified of you," Judge William Stuart said.

“Your attack on her was prolonged and determined and only stopped because she escaped from you."

Drake will be eligible for parole once he has served eight years of the sentence.


A woman feared for her life when a man broke into her home and subjected her to a prolonged sexual attack, a court has heard.

Jordan Reece Drake, 25, pleaded guilty at the County Court in Shepparton yesterday to six charges of rape, one of attempted rape, three other sexual assault charges and one count of aggravated burglary over the incident.

The victim, a 56-year-old woman, attended the hearing and was supported by a number of family and friends during the proceedings.

The court heard Drake broke into the Shepparton home about 5.40am on October 14 last year, forcing open a bedroom window to gain entry.

Prosecutor Andrew Moore told the court the victim woke up to the sound of Drake banging on the walls and attempting to find a light switch in her bedroom.

She ran into the bathroom seeking refuge, as the accused went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, which he attempted to use to prise open the bathroom door.

The court heard when the tip of the knife snapped off, Drake used his physical strength to gain entry to the bathroom.

During the next two hours, Drake sexually assaulted the victim on multiple occasions.

Mr Moore said the woman had thought to call out for help during the attack, but feared if she did, she would be killed.

The victim made several attempts to distract the accused in the hope the attack would stop, including making cups of coffee for herself and Drake and smoking cigarettes, but it continued.

She later took an opportunity to flee from the property when Drake went to the bathroom.

Finding refuge at the home of one of her neighbours, the victim called 000 about 7.40am and a police investigation was launched.

Drake was arrested the next day about 11.40am.

The court heard DNA found on a coffee cup and knife handle — and fingerprints on the window Drake used to break in — linked him to the crime.

A victim impact statement from the woman was tendered to the court and was not read aloud, but references were made to it.

The court heard that in the statement, the woman said she did not believe the accused was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, although Mr Moore read out a statement in which Drake told police he had been ‘‘blind drunk’’ during the incident.

Drake’s defence counsel James FitzGerald said his client had abused drugs and alcohol from a young age, due to a ‘‘chaotic lifestyle.’’

‘‘The reasons for his alcoholism are obviously so deep within him and they clearly need addressing,’’ Mr FitzGerald said.

‘‘There is no argument about the grave effect of the offending on the victim.

‘‘Mr Drake expressed his understanding of the wrongfulness of what he’s done.’’

Judge William Stuart said he was concerned about rehabilitation efforts if Drake returned to the lifestyle he led before his incarceration 234 days ago.

‘‘It seems to me a man that knew what he was doing... well aware of the wrongfulness of what he was doing,’’ Judge Stuart said.

Drake is due to be sentenced today.

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