Human justice for vulnerable

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Striving to promote human dignity, non-profit organisation Voice for Silent People endeavours to speak up for the voiceless through promotion of human rights.

Forming as a small group of six, led by Congolese community member Jean Marie Mupenda, the organisation helps people in places such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are victims of corruption, conflict and violence.

‘‘In Shepparton we have a community of African refugees and Jean Marie wanted to do something about the violence and the corruption and everything still happening in the Congo which has been going on for a long time,’’ group vice president Cecilia Kelly said.

She said the group promoted justice and human dignity of all people through advocacy, education and assistance.

‘‘The main reason is to be an advocate for justice and to educate people here and around the world so they can get onto the website and our facebook page because the violence must stop,’’ Ms Kelly said.

The committee is helping two young girls in Congo through fundraising in the Shepparton region.

Mr Mupenda said every human had the right to live his or her life with dignity.

‘‘In our world today, there are many situations of injustice and oppression that deny people their fundamental rights — many of these people become silent victims, whose voices are not heard,’’ he said.

The group has six goals to strive towards, including to educate for cultural change.

‘‘As citizens in a global society, we believe we all have a duty to work towards equity and justice for every person,’’ Mr Mupenda said.

Voice for Silent People is having a launch event at 7.30pm on Thursday, May 30, at the Monsignor Jeffrey Centre, behind St Brendan’s Church, 121 Knight St Shepparton.

For more information, phone Damien on 0438088403 or Jean Marie on 0432405572, or visit Voice for Silent People online at or follow Voice for Silent People on Facebook.