Tatura Hot Bread wins 24 awards

By Laura Briggs

The Tatura Hot Bread team is celebrating a win, or 24, following success at the Victorian Baking Show for 2019.

The team of bakers took home 24 awards out of 31 categories.

With six first-place awards, eight second-place and 10 third places, Tatura Hot Bread owner Glenda Alexander said it was a great accomplishment for the whole team.

‘‘We got first for our white sandwich bread, wholemeal high-tin, wholemeal pipe loaf, grain sandwich loaf, scones, best chicken pie with our chicken, cranberry and brie cheese pie, which has won quite a few awards,’’ Ms Alexander said.

Ms Alexander said the team of four bakers, including husband Jeff Alexander, were thrilled to see their efforts had paid off.

‘‘We’re very proud of our staff and everything that they do, so we like to encourage them to enter these competitions and do the best they possibly can,’’ she said.

‘‘Our staff all worked hard and really put in to get the results we did.’’

The awards have been added to the many being displayed around the bakery from various competitions during the 20 years of the Alexanders’ ownership.