Shepparton lakeside train platform idea put forward

By Thomas Moir

It only appears to be an idea at this point, and perhaps an ambitious one.

But Shepparton Chamber of Commerce president Carl Hainsworth has asked whether a train platform at Victoria Park Lake — the site of the forthcoming new Shepparton Art Museum — would be possible.

Mr Hainsworth recently questioned the amount of money estimated for a proposed pedestrian overpass at Shepparton Railway Station — about $18million — alongside a $5million plan to link the site with the CBD and the lake via shared pathways.

He believes a platform at the lake would present a preferable proposal to explore.

Mr Hainsworth said given the amount being spent on the new SAM, and how many visitors it was predicted to bring to the city, the facility needed to have a service to it.

‘‘It has to be a better link ... and I don’t believe people would walk it,’’ he said.

Mr Hainsworth said a platform at the lake presented a preferable option to the proposed overpass and walking links.

‘‘Our tourist attraction, the lake, it’s highlighted, not only SAM,’’ he said.

While conceding he was not privy to any costs for such a project, he wondered ‘‘whether the question had been asked.’’

‘‘My personal opinion would be to put a platform down at the lake.’’

In 2017, the idea had been described as ‘‘nice to have’’ but not a ‘‘must have.’’

The city’s mayor at the time said the idea had been floated during new SAM discussions, as an ideal situation to have — but one with the potential to be ‘‘a long-term solution some-where down the track.’’