Division one win - twice for lucky woman

By Tara Whitsed

For the first time in five years Euroa News and Lotto sold a division one winning TattsLotto ticket.

But the lucky winner, a woman from Heathmont near Melbourne — won twice, once on her Euroa ticket, as well as on a ticket bought from Heathmont Authorised Newsagency — resulting in a whopping $894190 prize.

Euroa News and Lotto staff member Monica Murphy-Preston said the news was great for the town.

‘‘We are very excited,’’ she said.

‘‘We’ve told all of our customer we’ve sold a division one winning entry and the great news has been spread around town.

‘‘We sold a division one winning entry about five years ago, so it’s great to have sold another one.’’

The hard-working nurse said she was dizzy when she discovered the dual win and shared her joy with a Tatts official.

She recounted how she ended up with two identical entries into the same draw.

‘‘I thought my ticket had expired,’’ she said.

‘‘I didn’t have the ticket with me so I couldn’t check the date so I went and bought another one.

‘‘I usually buy six weeks at a time, so I don’t have to keep going back and I just buy them for a bit of fun.

‘‘I mark my numbers using family birthdays, which is why I was able to mark the same numbers when I was out at Euroa without my other ticket with me.

‘‘When we checked our ticket at Euroa, the lady printed out a list of where the division one winning entries were won and on it was Heathmont which is where we live.

‘‘I thought what are the chances of someone in our suburb having the same numbers as us?

‘‘When we got home I thought maybe my ticket hadn’t expired, so I checked it and we had won again.

‘‘We went a bit over the top when we found out when we got home yesterday. I’m so glad we checked it.’’

When asked how she planned to spend her double windfall, the happy winner revealed one would go towards paying off some debts and the other to some fun experiences.

‘‘It’s a nearly million-dollar question,’’ she said.

‘‘I don’t think we’ve really got our head around it yet. I am still in a bit of shock.

‘‘When we discovered we had won the first time we thought we’d pay off the home loan and car loan and it would take the pressure off and allow us to live happily.

‘‘The second one had just rolled us into all new territory and we’ve got no idea.

‘‘We just want to sit quietly and let it sink in for a while before we do anything.’’

The woman said she often joked before checking her tickets about whether or not they would need to go to work.

‘‘After the first one I was still planning on going back to work but after winning it twice I’m not sure if I will.’’