Undera Primary School remember soldiers

By Myles Peterson

Hundreds are set to gather at Undera Primary School this Sunday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

In preparation, school parent and volunteer Carolyn Archibald has been busily crocheting a hundred poppies.

‘‘The plan was that I would make enough for the students so each of them could put a poppy on the wall, and I started in October,’’ she said.

‘‘But this is the 100th year anniversary since the war finished, so I thought how cool would it be if we had a hundred poppies to represent the hundred years?’’

The school has a strong historical connection to the war, represented by a memorial that sits on its grounds.

Unveiled in 2015, the memorial tells the story of local residents who enlisted and embarked for the Middle East and Europe — many never returned.

Alongside those stories are listed the names of the fallen.

School principal David Farrell said the memorial had become a gathering point for the local community around the key dates of April 25 and November 11.

‘‘I reckon we’ll see no less than a hundred and it could be two hundred ... the event does tend to bring people who haven’t been here in a while,’’ he said.

The commemoration begins at Undera Primary School on Sunday at 10.30am.

Scheduled guest speaker is Noel Maughan.