Teen faced with 25 charges

By Myles Peterson

A boy, 17, faced a children’s court yesterday over charges resulting from a spate of alleged burglaries that occurred in the past three months.

Tatura police reportedly arrested the youth last Friday, remanding him into custody on the Melbourne Cup long weekend.

The presiding magistrate expressed concerns the youth spent five days in custody prior to the hearing.

The court heard the youth appeared before the court via video link because of cell overcrowding.

‘‘After the public holiday, the cells were full,’’ counsel for the defence told the court.

A police prosecutor opposed bail.

Issues with finding the youth accommodation so bail could be considered had the matter initially stood down.

The court heard a charitable organisation was attempting to find suitable housing, because the youth’s parents were unable to provide accommodation.

The youth faced 25 charges including aggravated burglary, burglary, theft, handling stolen goods, dealing property suspected of being proceeds of crime, possession of a drug of dependence, possession of ammunition without a licence, and other bail related offences according to police.

Property seized at the time of the arrest included jewellery, electronics and a motorcycle, police said.

Police said they were in the process of attempting to return the stolen property.

Many details of the case could not be reported for legal reasons due to the alleged offender’s age.