Poppies honour the fallen

By Liz Mellino

Shepparton’s Iris Taylor will be laying a hand-knitted wreath at the Shepparton Cenotaph on behalf of Goulburn Valley Health this Remembrance Day.

The GV Health volunteer spent many nights crocheting dozens of red poppies and knitting them onto a wreath.

Along with the poppies, Ms Taylor used brown, black, green and yellow wool to give the wreath its own unique meaning.

‘‘On the back of it there is brown and black ... the brown represents the ground, the desert and the land we were fighting for and the black represents the dark side of war, death and the prisoner of war camps,’’ she said.

‘‘The green represents the jungles and the vegetation, the poppies honour those that lost their lives at war and the wattle honours our Australian soldiers.

‘‘That’s the meaning behind what I did.’’

Last year Ms Taylor crocheted dozens of poppies, which she sent to the war memorial in Canberra, and wanted to continue the tradition once again.

She said when she was approached by GV Health to make a wreath, she was honoured to be able to represent them on an important day.

‘‘I continued crocheting poppies because it was something I could do while watching television at night,’’ she said.

‘‘I am very honoured to be able to make this and represent GV Health ... because not only am I doing it for the hospital, I am also doing it for personal reasons too with people who have been in the armed forces.’’