Dry lake still attracting lots

June 15, 2018

The bare tree stumps of Lake Mulwala are exposed following the draining.

Tourist boats will be put on hold until water levels return to normal in August.

Lake Mulwala is left with little water after a 4.5 m drop.

Yarrawonga’s Lake Mulwala has been sucked dry following a 4.5m drop in water levels.

Murray-Darling Basin Authority river management head Andrew Reynolds said the draining had been carried out to reduce the amount of highly invasive aquatic weeds found in the lake.

He said the drained lake would remain at that water level until mid-July when refilling would start, before returning to its regular water level by early August.

But even while the dried up lake appears somewhat similar to the surface of the moon, local business owners remain positive.

Absolute Waterfront Mulwala’s Kaye Crawford said the draining of the lake was a good thing for the community.

‘‘It’s their way of getting rid of all the weeds that clog up the motors of the fishing boats and jet skis, without having to use big machines to do it,’’ she said.

Ms Crawford said it was done every three or four years and for the holiday resort owner, the draining had not affected bookings.

‘‘I haven’t had any bookings cancelled,’’ she said.

‘‘The lake is a tourist attraction with the water and it’s a tourist attraction without the water.’’

Lynda McNelly, who also operates a local business by the lake, agreed it had not affected business or the level of tourists visiting the town.

‘‘It’s weird but the lake remains a popular tourist attraction even without the water,’’ Ms McNelly said.

She said it had been nice to see more pelicans nearby who were enjoying the easy fishing in what was left of the shallow water.

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