Proposed levee may be ‘eyesore’

By Gus McCubbing

A Seymour resident has put up posters around town to raise awareness about what he sees as a major problem with the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority’s proposed flood levee.

Peter Chapman, who is also spearheading a campaign to clean out Whiteheads Creek, said the proposed 3m height of the levee is ‘‘overkill’’ and would negatively impact the amenity of the area.

‘‘It would be an eyesore and it just doesn’t make sense,’’ he said.

‘‘The levee would go through the nicest part of our river walk. People come out here just for the view, but who’s going to get behind a 3m dirt wall to do it?

‘‘The Prince of Wales Hotel cellar has had water inside, but the pub itself hasn’t. The floor of the hotel has never had it and the same at the Royal Hotel.’’

But Mr Chapman said he would be more than happy to compromise.

‘‘If they wanted to put a metre-high wall, like there is in Deniliquin, then people could walk and still have a nice view,’’ he said.

‘‘But the whole outlook of the town is going to be ruined, and if there’s a heap of rain, it’s all going to be stuck inside.’’

A Goulburn Broken CMA spokesperson said a number of reports providing in-depth information on how the levels are calibrated, and how the one-in-100 year standard is determined, can be found on the Mitchell Shire Council’s website: