Victorians urged to stay safe on water

June 07, 2018

Goulburn-Murray Water has urged people to stay safe on lakes such as Lake Eildon and the region's rivers during the long weekend.

Goulburn-Murray Water and Maritime Safety Victoria are urging people on the water to be safe this long weekend.

Goulburn-Murray Water Customer operations general manager Scott Barber said that boating enthusiasts planning to head out on the water were encouraged to be aware of the safety reminders and possible dangers. Mr Barber said a five-knot speed limit applied for inland Victorian waters within 50m of the water’s edge, other vessels, people in the water, fixed or floating structures and other water users, unless indicated otherwise.

He said there was a greater danger when operating vessels at low water levels and people should be aware of submerged objects including trees, rocks, sandbars and other debris.

Mr Barber said it was safest to use the public boat ramps provided to avoid soil disturbance and bogging of vehicles in lake foreshore areas.

‘‘Any temporary speed restrictions are signposted at public boat ramps. At all other times you should travel at a safe speed for the water level and conditions,’’ he said.

He also reminded Victorians who plan to spend their time at the Murray River to be aware of the NSW water rules that applied on the Murray.

Maritime Safety Victoria’s Gareth Johnson said those going out on the water should tell friends and family where they would be going and when they expected to return. He also reminded people to wear life jackets and carry flares.

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