Kaiela art goes to city

May 31, 2018

Kaiela Arts artist Amanda Briggs-Ormiston with a sand painting she recently completed.

Kristy Baksh’s artwork being exhibited in the St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne.

A red gum tray carved by local artist Jack Anselmi for the exhibition.

Shepparton’s Kaiela Arts artists have collaborated with Melbourne artist-in-residence to create a series of artworks.

Kaiela Arts manager Angie Russi said the series of artworks produced for National Reconciliation Week would be exhibited in St Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders St, Melbourne.

Ms Russi said the artists’ pieces were all unique, offering a broad range of art including paintings, ceramics and wood carvings.

She said the Melbourne artist-in-residence Sean Whittaker had collaborated with the seven Kaiela Arts artists for about six months in the lead-up to the event.

‘‘That meant that Sean came here for a week, got to know the artists and, on behalf of St Paul’s Cathedral, engaged with the Aboriginal community,’’ Ms Russi said.

She said the local artists also spent time inside the cathedral with Mr Whittaker, drawing, collecting information and admiring the many art forms found inside the cathedral.

Ms Russi said the artists had produced artwork in response to that time spent together and the exhibition was a result of that process.

She said each individual’s work symbolised the act of coming together.

Kaiela Arts artist Amanda Briggs-Ormiston has two sand paintings being exhibited in the cathedral.

She said the sand painting process was time consuming but rewarding.

‘‘I did paintings on canvases and emu eggs and things like that but I found this more intriguing and interesting,’’ Ms Briggs-Ormiston said.

She said each of her pieces being exhibited took about three weeks to complete.

‘‘It’s really exciting for me because I haven’t had my work outside of Shepparton before,’’ she said.

The exhibition runs from May 26 to June 22 at St Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders St, Melbourne.

The official opening is today from 6pm to 8pm.

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