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May 30, 2018

The outgoing council will dissolve today, with a new council not being declared until next weekend.

Shepparton’s council is set to start the final quarter of its community satisfaction surveying, but anyone interested in how it has performed so far will likely be left dissatisfied.

The News this week requested the results of the third-quarter survey of residents, but Greater Shepparton City Council again said it would not release its most recent quarterly results until the entire year’s worth of feedback was received.

Corporate services director Chris Teitzel said the full year’s worth of survey results would be made available once presented to council, ‘‘potentially in August’’.

The fourth-quarter survey, to start Monday, would be combined with the results from the previous three surveys to provide a more accurate picture of community sentiment compared to conducting a survey once a year, Mr Teitzel said.

He said council only had a statutory requirement to provide overall performance indicators to Local Government Victoria, with quarterly surveys done to obtain a more accurate yearly indicator.

He described the survey as an important measure for council to understand how well it was meeting community expectations of the services provided.

It aims to collect opinions on services, facilities and activities council provides, with the information used to make ongoing improvements.

The surveying marks a shift towards more regular ratepayer satisfaction polls, which the council plans will double as a platform to gauge the city’s opinion on other topics.

Instead of a survey of about 500 residents done at a single time, the council now surveys about 125 ratepayers each quarter.

The hope is for more regular surveys to offer a more rounded view of performance and offer added insight into areas for improvement.

In September, Mr Teitzel said he was confident the new model would better reflect trends across a year rather than the council’s performance at a single point.

The council had been handed an overall community satisfaction score of 52 out of 100 in the most recent survey, marking a three per cent improvement on the previous year’s score.

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