Youngs show the way

By Country News

More than 50 farmers from the Murray Dairy region have been recognised among the nation’s best milk producers in the 2018 Dairy Australia Milk Quality Awards.

The awards recognise the farmers consistently producing the nation’s best milk, based on annual average bulk milk cell count (BMCC).

Murray region milk producers featured strongly among the top 100 in the country, with 20 making the list.

Murray Dairy regional manager Jenny Wilson said the results were a tribute to the hard work put in by farmers across the region.

‘‘It is terrific to see so many local farmers recognised for the care and dedication they put into managing their herds and it should be a source of pride for our region,’’ Ms Wilson said.

Dairy Australia’s Kathryn Davis said a Dairy Australia analysis found farmers milking 300 cows who lowered their BMCC from 300000 to 200000 would be financially better off to the tune of $35700 a year.

Of the local success stories, the Young family, from Wyuna, was among the best performers.

With two generations of know-how when it comes to milk quality, it is no surprise the Young family farm was one of the winners.

For Jack, who is the son of Julie and Stuart, a big part of learning how to manage milk quality will be taking Dairy Australia’s Cups On Cups Off and Countdown courses to learn the industry’s best practice to achieve outstanding milk quality on farm.

‘‘I’ll be encouraging both my staff to do Cups On Cups Off courses,’’ he said.

‘‘Staff are key to any farm operation and we’ve got to make sure they’re across what’s in these courses.’’

■For a full list of winners, go to: https://dairyaustralia.com.au/farm/animal-management/mastitis/milk-quality-awards/2018-milk-quality-awards