Congestion, parking issues plague Shepparton sports precinct

May 11, 2018

Pockets of land are being considered to open up more parking for the Shepparton sports precinct following positive usage of the site, a city engineer says.

But congestion and incorrect parking continue to be issues at the facility.

Greater Shepparton City Council has issued a warning to those repeatedly parking on roundabouts, and in emergency bays and no-standing areas.

City engineer Phil Hoare said while the usage of the $20million precinct was ‘‘impressive’’, congestion had been noticed particularly in the changeover period of games.

He said it was not practical to provide parking immediately adjacent to all of the fields and that walking tracks between different areas of the precinct were also being developed.

‘‘(We’re) looking to increase the level of parking spaces we’ve got, particularly closer to the soccer fields,’’ Mr Hoare said.

‘‘There’s a couple of little spots we need to formalise walking tracks and paths to link the parking areas together, and make it easier for people to access.

‘‘There’s a few things we’re looking at... a few other areas we can look to open up for additional parking... look to see if it’s easily achieved and can help out.’’

Parking illegally in roundabouts, emergency vehicle parking spaces, disabled car spaces and in no-standing areas was risking the safety of others and impacting on efficient traffic flow, a council statement said.

It has renewed calls for users of the newly completed and rebranded Sports City to park in the correct bays to ensure flow of traffic is not impeded.

If the infringements persist, action will follow.

‘‘If that continues, we will have to take action to address that, to ensure traffic flows and the safety of pedestrians is not compromised,’’ Mr Hoare said, citing visitors to the facility parking around turning circles and over driveways as examples.

‘‘Usage is up, but people inherently want to park close,’’ Mr Hoare speculated on the reasons behind the behaviour.

Mr Hoare encouraged users to follow signage and use designated parking spaces to ensure ‘‘council can avoid issuing infringement notices’’.

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