Man jailed over $1m ice haul

May 04, 2018

Travis Webber, 41, waved and smiled at friends and family in court before being sentenced to almost nine years in prison yesterday.

Dressed in a grey suit and wearing a black tie, Webber was in the Shepparton County Court after pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges, linked to a police seizure last year of almost $1 million worth of methylamphetamine, or ice.

He had been charged with trafficking a commercial quantity of the drug ice, trafficking MDMA, possessing a drug of dependence, and other drug-related and summary offences including firearm offences and dealing with proceeds of crime.

The court heard Webber had previously been convicted more than 90 times from a dozen court appearances, dating back to the mid-90s.

The Shepparton man’s house was raided about 8.30am on June 5 last year.

He was on bail at the time of the raid.

Police officers knocked on the door, announced their presence and waited.

There was noise coming from inside his home in Skene St, Shepparton, but no answer.

The door was opened by force with a police ram.

The accused was seen heading down the hallway towards the kitchen when the police opened the door. It was there he was apprehended by police and placed in handcuffs.

During a search of his property, 14 swords, a large tomahawk, several knives and bags of methylamphetamine, also known as ice, was found.

A six-shot ‘Peacemaker’ .22 branded revolver was found ‘‘secreted in a wall cavity’’, as Judge Christopher Ryan described it.

But Shepparton police’s biggest find was a set of BMW car keys located in the accused’s bedroom.

This later led detectives to a drug bust of close to a $1 million worth of ice.

About 11.45am, some three hours after the raid began, a search inside the BMW was conducted.

‘‘Found in your damaged BMW was a sturdy plastic pelican case that contained two packages,’’ Judge Ryan told the court.

‘‘One contained 836 grams of 80 per cent pure methylamphetamine. The second, 45 grams of 60 per cent pure.’’

In total, almost 1kg of methylamphetamine was found inside the car and the home.

The minimum classification of a commercial quantity of the substance is half that.

Before sentencing the guilty man, Judge Ryan told the court of his background.

‘‘You spent a month in Pentridge Prison in 1994, where you were first introduced to drugs,’’ he said.

Judge Ryan said trafficking a drug was a serious offence, and reminded himself the accused had ‘‘almost twice the qualifying amount for a commercial quantity’’.

‘‘The methylamphetamine found in your possession was in your possession for sale,’’ he said.

Webber was sentenced to eight years and 10 months in prison with a non-parole period of six years and six months.

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