Police road safety move

May 04, 2018

Police are asking for public help in identifying dangerous intersections.

Dangerous intersections are being targeted by Shepparton police this month and they are asking for your help.

The Highway Patrol’s Acting Senior Sergeant Dave Gillespie told The News the public should view every uniformed officer as a point of contact should they have any concerns about any intersection in the region.

‘‘Unfortunately in 2017, the eastern region saw a number of people injured and killed on dangerous intersections,’’ Sen Sgt Gillespie said.

‘‘Each time that occurs, we conduct an audit of that intersection environment with our partners.’’

But now the police want to get on the front foot and tap into public knowledge and concerns about the state of local roads.

‘‘The community is the eyes and ears — this is a proactive operation where we’re asking the community to give us some feedback in relation to any intersection that they think can be improved. Provide that feedback to any police member and that information will go to the highway patrol,’’ Sen Sgt Gillespie said.

Any sort of feedback will be welcomed, especially information on blind spots created by obstructions such as trees and foliage.

‘‘The operation is looking at the environmental design and how can we improve intersections and other locations,’’ Sen Sgt Gillespie said.

Police are also conducting another road safety campaign in tandem with the intersection reporting initiative.

Tackling what Sen Sgt Gillespie described as an important — but sensitive — issue, police are encouraging family members and friends to have conversations about the suitability of some community members to retain their driver’s licence due to advanced age or impairment.

‘‘We’re mindful it is a very sensitive topic (but) we want to ask people to have that conversation within their family, to talk about the suitability of one another to drive.

‘‘It is time to hand it (the licence) in?’’ Sen Sgt Gillespie said.

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