Lucky to be alive

March 13, 2018

A still from a video showing the motorcyclist seconds before a car ploughed into him on Wyndham St.

A disturbing video widely circulated on social media shows a car ploughing into a man on a dirt bike on Shepparton’s main street at the weekend.

Police were surprised the bike rider had survived the hit, which happened on the corner of Wyndham St and Fryers St just before 4am Sunday.

Warning- the link below contains graphic video footage.

Watch video here-

Police saw the young man riding an unregistered dirt bike without lights along Wyndham St and Fryers St and through the Maude St Mall just before the collision, baiting officers.

‘‘He was doing monos, riding on the footpath and yelling at the police to chase him,’’ Shepparton police Senior Constable David Brierley said.

‘‘We were sitting down the road, making sure he didn’t get hurt, but there was nothing we could do, we couldn’t stop him.’’

In the video a bystander captured, the rider can be seen driving erratically near the centre line on Wyndham St, before a screeching white car knocks the man off his bike, leaving him lying motionless in the middle of the road.

A number of nearby people scream and yell profanities and four bystanders run to the man’s aid before the video cuts out.

Sen Const Brierley said a man driving the white car had accelerated towards the rider in an attempt to scare him, but both had swerved in the same direction at the last second.

‘‘The driver of the car was upset and angry that the rider was doing what he was doing, but ended up collecting him as a result,’’ Sen Const Brierley said.

‘‘He was doing the speed limit, but the bloke could’ve died at that speed and I’m honestly surprised he didn’t.’’

The injured rider was taken to hospital with a broken leg and was taken into surgery yesterday morning.

Police are awaiting the result of a blood-alcohol test for the injured man and do not suspect the driver of the car was drunk.

The driver has been charged with driving offences and conduct endangering life and the bike rider will be charged with driving offences. Both will appear in court.

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