MEMBER for Murray Plains Peter Walsh has called on the Victor...

By Campaspe News

MEMBER for Murray Plains Peter Walsh has called on the Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan to expedite work on the Rochester Railway Station to establish the Rochester Sports Museum.

John Forbes, an avid collector of sports memorabilia through a very long career with Puma, agreed to hand his valuable collection over to the Rochester Lions Club for display in Rochester last year.

The Rochester Sports Museum committee was formed and the Rochester Railway Station was identified as a perfect building to house the museum.

Mr Walsh said VicTrack Property Group advised the committee in March they would agree to lease the Rochester Railway Station for the museum.

“That was great news for Rochester but was followed by disappointment in May when VicTrack advised the station was not in a leasable state and needed repair work,’’ he said.

“The repair work was scheduled to begin in June but VicTrack has failed to respond to the committee’s request for updates.

“The committee is concerned there is a risk the lease will fall through and they will be left without premises for the museum.”

Mr Walsh urged the Minister to enable the Rochester Sports Museum to have a home, so John Forbes can finally see his collection of sports memorabilia displayed for everyone to enjoy.

“The committee is hopeful the Minister will provide the funds for the upgrade and deliver access to the station in this calendar year,’’ he said.

“All it needs now is the will of the Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allen to get the project over the line.”

According to the Sessional Orders of the Victorian Parliament, the Minister has 30 days to respond in writing to Mr Walsh.