Gaming gurus

June 19, 2017

Adam Shaholli with his creation Five Minutes to Live.

Jack Morrison plays Mitch Grinter's game Portal Jumper, a maze game.

Lissy Down made Footy Boss a game based on the Hawthorn Hawks.

Year 6 student Chloe Robertson created her own game "Are U Game To Go To The Olympics".

Shepparton’s own E3 entertainment expo inspired Critical Hit Gaming Expo allowed young video game designers a chance show off their projects to peers at Bourchier St Primary School on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Year 6 students from Brendan Fraser’s class have been working on arcade-style, original video games using the program Gamemaker for the past six weeks, which finished with a showcase coinciding with the E3 2017 Convention in Los Angeles.

The students also made up their own game developer studios, designing their logo and decorating their own stalls for the convention held in the seniors rooms.

They also generated media hype associated with entertainment conventions by releasing the titles of their games and getting their peers to vote on the most anticipated game of the expo.

Students from several classes came to the convention space during the day and could play the 22 original games with a chance to win a prizes for top scores.

‘‘The games are top down style with simple movements up/down/left/right,’’ Mr Fraser said.

‘‘There is some coding, but the students can use their imagination and create their own characters and backgrounds.’’

Mr Fraser said the idea to get the class involved was inspired by some former students, who entered a game which won a national competition run by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

‘‘I wanted to tap into the interests of students and get some of them thinking about this kind of work as a future career,’’ he said.

‘‘Gaming is so big now and is a growing industry.’’

Some of the students’ games were Footy Boss created by Lissy Down’s Four Paws Studio and Five Minutes to Live by Adam Shaholli’s Nuketon Studios.

Footy Boss sees you as a player in Lissy’s favourite team the Hawthorn Hawks moving around the footy oval trying to avoid Geelong players and collect awards to avoid being kicked out of the league.

The event was just before Friday’s announcement from Victorian Government Creative Industries Minister Martin Foley of $654000 to support nine Victorian studios develop and release new digital games, ranging from an interactive virtual reality experience to a game to help children learn about geography.

The latest funding is expected to generate $1.2million for the state and support new employment opportunities within the local games sector, ranging from technical roles to script writing, music and marketing.

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