Tinsel is put away

January 10, 2017

Council workers took down the last of the gigantic Christmas Decorations yesterday.

It is the question that comes up every year once the big day has gone, when is the right time to take down the Christmas decorations?

Traffic was slower than usual on the Goulburn Valley Hwy yesterday as Greater Shepparton City Council staff had the big machinery out to take down some of the larger Christmas decorations in the trees.

The council left it until January 9 to take down the last of the decorations, more than two weeks after Christmas Day.

Opinions were divided on just when was it too late to take decorations down, with some believing January 5 was ideal as it was the last day of the ‘‘Twelve Days of Christmas’’.

Others thought taking down Christmas trees and decorations must be done before midnight on New Year’s Eve or it could bring bad luck into the next year. But some people still have Christmas trees up in March and if it keeps people happy, is that a problem?

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